About Us

What we are

Tetio.com is a web services business. We specialize in many fields relating to front end web development. This includes but is not limited to Web Design, Web Code Development, Domain Services, Mobile App/Web Dev, Web Branding, Online Games, and more.

Our Past

Prior to Tetio.com we have ran online games, web hosting services, and we have been involved in online development for the past 8 years. We have also been in the domaining business for the past 7 years, and have a portfolio of domains. Times have changed, but we continue to keep up with the changes and improve on our products.

Mission Statement

At Tetio.com we would like to provide you with simple solutions to get your website up and running at an affordable price.

Tetio Web Solutions And Beyond
Tetio is a Web Development firm focused on an array of fields to improve your websites mark on the world. We specialize in Front-End Web Development, which is a combination of web design, web coding, search engine optimization (SEO), domain solutions, and branding you for the web.

Specialized Web Development
We understand where the web is going and where you need to be in today's environment. So we have specialized development focused for low-profile fast loading websites and mobile web integration. We will design your site to the needs of your industry or trade to increase your presence in your field.

How We Work
When we take on a project, we have many steps in the process of your web development. First we will gather information about the website you want built. Be prepared to have documents, photos and other information you would like on your site. After the research and planning is complete, a pre-draft version of your website will be developed. At this point we will discuss what changes need to be made. After the site is developed to your liking, we will help you to launch your website.

No Matter The Size
For us it does not matter the size of the website in question, we will help get the ball rolling. It can be for your own personal use, small biz, government, educational, or just that hobby you want everybody to know about.

What We Stand For
We are founded under the name Tetio, which is an old latin word meaning to speak of, or talk about. So we will create a website that will keep people talking about you.

A Domain Will Make Or Break You
Is the domain name you want not available to register? We can provide a service to help locate a better name, or help you obtain the domain you seek.

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Quality Affordable Web Development
Since we are independent web developers we are able to produce our products at a lower cost than the competition. We maintain quality in all of our web projects.

Living With SEO
If you want your site to be found, you need to have your site optimized for search engines. This means having proper coding that brings out the key terms for your website, to better advertise it. Along with this your website must be added to multiple sites to create back links and more traffic.

Maintaining Your website
We do not expect you to be able to modify your website once its completed, so we offer many solutions to help you. We can offer monthly maintenance on your website at a low rate, or we can create an interface so you can easily manage your website.

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