Web Design

Design based on your specs.
We hope to work to integrate the ideas of your business and the over all feel you want to bring to life. In order to do this you will need to give us information that should include colors, pictures, documents and other information that will help us. It is a good idea to get all of this prepared and ready before the project starts if you need the website created quickly.

Professional Photoshop Design
We produce strong professionally designed web layouts with Photoshop. This includes the working projects, so you will be able to update them at a later time without a total redesign for simple changes.

We will make sure the structure of your websites sticks to quality XHTML standards.

CSS is a must in today's world of web layouts. For complex and even simple layouts a strong CSS setup with the ability to scale with other browsers is needed.

SEO design
Every layout should include SEO design. If you don't have "Search Engine Optimization" you are hurting your own advertisement and SEO is the cheapest way to advertise to search engines.

Logo Design and Web Branding
Your logo is the first thing people see and they use it to define your business. This is also true for your Web branding that is the integration of your logo with your website. In the process of creating your logo will will create several examples to pick from and we will edit them to your liking.

3rd Party Application Skins
Web Applications are great and add more depth to your website. But they need their own individual design in order to match your website. This can be a complex process that might require a lot of time to figure all of the working themes involved in your web application.

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